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Research & Development

The fidbox is a further product of Helmut Jilg, who has produced, marketed and installed parquet since 1979 and who is intensively involved with the continued improvement of the high-quality standards in the branch. Together with leading institutes and research organizations a comprehensive security system in compact form became reality after starting from a basic idea. (>> downloads)

The fidbox will also in the future be continuously developed further in cooperation with the Burgenland technical college of the wood research institute Austria and Tricon RFID for you.

The fidbox is installed in a routed space on the bottom side of a wood flooring panel and supported. A combined sensor measures in defined intervals temperature and moisture at the substrate surface level, for example the screed floor. The measuring date is stored over years. The stored data can be non-destructively retrieved using a particularly adapted handheld reading device be evaluated using a special software specifically developed for that purpose. In this way, a purposeful and rapid cause clarification is possible for example in the event of complaints and damages through moisture or with too high set preliminary running temperatures by underfloor heating. Jilg-Parkett – Qualität:Stil:Sorgfalt seit 1979 Führend in Sachen Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) Technologie Willkommen zu Bildung im Herzen Europas Der Partner für F&E, Prüfung, Zertifizierung, Eichung, Weiterbildung

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