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Installation tips and fidbox-Guaranty

Before the fidbox that you have ordered leaves our climatically controlled safe storage, we examine the complete effectiveness and give you our functionality guarantee. Already from this time the fidbox with the data recordings for the long-term measurement starts.

Together with the builder and before installation begin, you should select the optimal location for the fidbox: the fidbox should be integrated into the warmest area of the room (living room, underfloor heating). In larger projects (> 100 m2), multi-story buildings or by different room uses, you may need to plan several fidbox elements. We will gladly help you with this.

Please observe the following:

  • Storage of the fidbox: frost-free by room temperature and only in the supplied aluminium box
  • the unprotected fidbox should never be subjected to direct sunlight or submerge in water.
  • note the location and the Serial number of the fidbox and all required information about the project with our document „Floor Pass“
  • avoid measurement distortion: no furniture or carpet rugs should be placed over the fidbox; avoid strong electronic radiation (for example mobile phones) direct by the fidbox.

>> Installation recommendation – step for step

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